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About Us

 What is MohhMaya?

MOHHMAYA is a combination of two Hindi words, Mohh and Maya. Going by its literal meaning, the word Mohh depicts the Desire towards something whereas the word Maya means materialistic pleasures. So Mohhmaya, as a name suggests it’s about the materialistic desires which we all have.


What is more incredible than Incredible India itself is the quality and varieties of handicraft It has to offer. From the Lucknowani Chikankari to Patna’s Patan Patola, each state has something unique to offer. At Mohhmaya we bring you all the unique art forms from the craftsmen of India.

How it all Started?

The journey of Mohhmaya began in 2017. We started off as a Fashion, Food and Travel influencer and eventually took up full-fledged blogging.
The Idea of Mohhmaya-The Heritage Fashion conceived in 2015 but it is now that we could get the ball rolling.
The year 2020, and we are ready to offer some of the most loved artworks from India to India.


Today when the youth only thinks of authentic Indian clothing and designs either for some festive purpose or for some big occasion (precisely marriage), we aim at breaking this stereotype and show how versatile Indian handicraft can get.
The Heritage of India lies both in its culture and craft. But alas! amid the limelight of other popular western fashion trends these gems are losing their popularity among the GEN-X. On Mohhmaya we will be making conscious efforts towards making the youth familiar with the rich handicraft India offers & subsequently making it popular too.

With MohhMaya, don’t just buy Indian, Learn Indian! #VocalForLocal

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