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Best Career Advice for 2020

*Disclaimer*– This blog might sound illogical to many, but those who have been there and done that (remembering my convocation day with that useless piece of paper in hand) will resonate with me. I can just hope that some of you take a step back, think about your decision once again and then move forward.

Who am I? No one. What have I achieved yet? Literally, nothing to be proud of. But still, I have a little piece of advice for all you lovelies out there(best career advice to be more precise), through something that I have experienced myself. So, here’s a quick intro. Hello, everyone, my name is Tanu, a post-graduate in management studies, a digital marketer and currently an unemployed. Just in case if you are wondering why even after having two of the most celebrated phenomenon added in my CV why am I still not having a job? Trust me I ask myself the same every damn day. And the answer comes “do anything but not that 9 to 5 thing”.(Not that I’m against it, I think it’s probably the best thing if you get a job that helps you grow both personally and professionally). Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and they will tell you how it feels to stay back and work when time’s up. But certainly, that’s not the only reason why I don’t wanna take up a J-O-B.

Well, enough of me for now, cut to all my lovely peeps here reading and waiting for the best career advice from an unemployed.

“Life’s gonna be sorted once you are done with your boards or complete your UG or PG and PhD and blah & blah.”
We are sick and tired of hearing this one thing from our parents. The truth be told, it NEVER gets easy for anyone of us. In fact, that’s when the real game begins. The real struggle to fight for that one college you always dreamt of, that one job which you think suits you best. So, ready to take on the world? Decided which college to enrol for grads? Or which University to go for to pursue your dream MBA?
If yes, then All the very best from my end and if you are even a little dubious about it, read on.

First things first, ask yourself if you are actually passionate about pursuing the degree you are planning to go for. If taking up that course takes you any closer to your dream job then you should definitely go for it. If not then don’t just do it because everyone else is doing it. Also, I have heard people taking up a course (not taking any names [AM BEE AAEE]) just because they want to enjoy & experience life. Give me a break, don’t you think so 10 to 15 lakh is too big of an amount to invest just so that you can “experience hostel life” until the money isn’t oozing out of your Gucci wallet. I’ll get straight back to the point if you are going in for a degree with this mindset trust me my friend a vacation is all you need & certainly not a degree. That way you’ll be saving a couple of lakhs. Spending several lakhs just to acquire that one got damn degree and spending the next one decade paying back that loan, doesn’t make sense trust me until it’s not IIM think twice before you make the final call. Believe it or not, the world outside isn’t really interested in knowing what grades you scored in which semester or if you are a gold medalist from your college. THEY JUST DON”T CARE. The only things that are gonna matter at the end of the day (you can take notes of this if you want) are your knowledge & understanding about the company and their product, your skills and the way you communicate. The big game is all about what you bring to the table. Master these and take this from me in writing, you’ll be having an offer letter from both Ambani and Adani (if you find TATA and Wipro better, just make changes accordingly).

So lesson number one that I learned from my MBA life- If they are gonna make me sit with graduates for the interviews with the same package, then I would have rather stayed a graduate myself. Sorry, not sorry.

Lesson number two- I solemnly swear that I would never take up a degree just because it’s trending, everyone is doing it and I want to enjoy my life and figure out what I actually want from life. Lessons learned will definitely take care of it in the next life.

OK, now enough of daunting done for my college-going peeps. Let me shift my focus to the 9 to 5 group. It’s none other than our very own privileged employees. They work for weekends they live for weekends. Working their asses off the entire week so that they can cherish their weekend (and here weekend just consist of one day that’s Sunday). I respect you guys I really do. I mean it’s because of you all that such big MNCs are even able to operate and generate that 9 figure turnovers. You guys really make it all happen.
The only thing that pesters me is people seeking jobs just for the sake of “a sense of security” or “trying to play safe” even when they just hate what they are doing, even when they see absolutely no scope of growth in what they are doing. If you have a lot of responsibilities placed upon you I understand but if not then why on earth are you scared to take the risk and do something of your own? Even if it’s just being a Freelancer. Your work for yourself and according to yourself. I have heard so many people say that “let me take some experience from this job and after 4 or 5 years I’ll start doing something of my own”. Truth be told- it’s a trap you’ll never come out of. The job will give you a lot of experience & exposure there are no two ways about it but at the same time do you really think after working for straight 5 years and earning several thousand or maybe be lakhs as your paycheck you’ll ever give up on such a job and start doing something of your own? Ask yourself.

If you have a plan, if you are determined & confident about it and also have a family to back you then all I can say is go for it. Seize the day my friend. You can experiment and try new things only when you are young because believe me after a certain point in life all you’ll be looking for would be stability. DON’T SETTLE FOR ORDINARY. Don’t think if it will work out or not, you never know what future holds for you.

Our generation has this preconceived notion that until we don’t move out of our home town we won’t really achieve anything. To be oh so successful, we must move out of our hometown, pursue a degree and take up a job in that metropolitan city. Time for a reality check, those living out have a hard time surviving. Most of the people ask for money from there home to fulfil the basic necessities of life. So what’s the whole point of moving out? Don’t get me wrong here. Living out, paying our own bills all this is an extremely integral part of adulting but are these the only parameters to judge how successful or unsuccessful you are in life? Absolutely not, don’t compare your journey with others. You need to come in terms with the fact that we all have our own path to travel & journey to experience. So please don’t think that only moving out of your hometown will help you achieve something big in life.

Nobody says it but it’s ok to not go for a conventional degree and rather go for some skilled-based course and pursue that. And it’s ok to not take up a job and plan for your own things. It’s easier said than done but in the end, it’s all about being ambitious and achieving something in life. (People associated with technical fields like MBBS, LAW, Engineering, fashion designing etc, you guys please go to college and study don’t take me seriously. At least somewhere our education system is actually providing some crucial skill).

Let me put this into perspective for you all to gain a better understanding of the whole thing.


So there is this one batchmate of mine from MBA who is placed with an MNC earning pretty well for himself. Here’s the twist, my sister who is just a 12th passed also got a job with the same company and is earning the same amount. The company is Decathlon, one of the leading sports brand around the globe.

Shocked? Well, I have more.

This one friend of mine who after completing her PGDM got placed with a bank. While another one without a PG degree secured a placed in a fellowship program and iconically she earns more. The name of the fellowship program is Teach for India, providing its members with an experience of a lifetime.

That’s not all let’s go through a few more real-life examples.

My brother after completing his 12th enrolled himself for a Hotel management program, not from IHM or any other college where he has to pay hefty fees but rather an on-job training program where he got a stipend for his services. The Hotel he is associated with is ITC, one of the leading hotel chains across the country.

Interesting? I have one more and promise it’s gonna be the last one. And this one is of my profession. Digital Marketing.

A batchmate of mine from MBA got placed with a Digital Marketing company as a trainee whereas a friend from the same institute as mine from where I learned Digital Marketing got placed as a full-time employee & apparently he is a mere graduate.

There’s nothing wrong in seeking higher education but the question remains, is it worth all the money and time spend? Maybe or maybe not. We hear this so often that “today being just a graduate doesn’t mean anything”. Time for an eye-opener- Today being a PG doesn’t mean anything either. Increasing one line in your CV is all it does. The PG craze (especially MBA) has been blown out of proportion. You don’t have to do it just for the sake of a job that you will get otherwise as well with your bachelor’s degree. 2 years of PG or 2 years of working after completing bachelors means the same. The difference being in case one you are earning while in the latter case you are spending.

To those who are preparing for things like CA, SSC or any other such exam, it’s great that you want to do something so amazing in life but you must also know if something is constantly not working in your favour, maybe you are not meant for that but something even better. All I have to say is please keep your options open.

Time to wrap the blog…………… Just kidding. You have been an extremely patient reader (reading 1500+ words straight is no joke).

So let’s get to the title of the blog without wasting any more of time, Best career advice. Stating below few career options or course that you should definitely consider going in for rather than wasting time on a useless degree.

  1. Working with companies like Decathlon-One of the leading sports brands around the globe Decathlon is a great place to start off your career with. Since the hierarchy structure of the company is so unique, the exposure they provide is 360 degree. Prerequisites- 10+2 minimum qualification & a hardcore sports enthusiast.
  2. Going in Fellowships like Teach for India-Have a thing for teaching? Then there can be no better opportunity than this. Teach for India is a fellowship program that lets the brightest youth of the country teach the not so privileged section of the society. And since its a social sector you get to learn about completely different work culture. Prerequisites- Should have a bachelors degree from in any stream. There are many other fellowship programs out there too. You gotta find the best one for yourself.
  3. Working as a cabin crew-Wanna explore and make the best of you late teen and early 20s? There can’t be a better profession than this. Giving wings to your dream and an opportunity to earn some big money this one profession is apt for all the glamorous people out there. There are many national and international airlines coming up with opening every now and then. Prerequisites- 10+2 for National flights & graduate for International flights.
  4. Learning Digital Marketing-This one has emerged as one of the most lucrative and celebrated professions lately. Be it being a freelancer or working with a company, Digital marketing provides immense opportunity for growth, all you need are skills. Prerequisites- 10+2 is the minimum qualification that you require to start off your career in Digital Marketing. There are end numbers of institutes out there teaching Digital Marketing from online to offline. Chose the one that suits you the best.
  5. Learning commodity trading-OK, so this one can be a little technical for people not having a finance background but certainly it’s not rocket science and so can be learned with constant efforts. It is basically when you as a trader invest money in commodities like gold etc rather than in shares of the stock market. If you crack the formula and understand it’s nitty-gritty there can be nothing better than this. It can help you generate a decent income for yourself and the kind of knowledge you gain through this whole process will be immense. Prerequisites- 12th passed? Good enough to enter this world and earn a handsome amount for yourself alongside completing your grads.
  6. On job Hotel Management training courses-The hospitality industry has always been one on the highest paying and most glamours one of all. So if Hotel Management is something you want to opt for then please I beg don’t go for the cliche one. ITC has its WelcomLED program for students who want to pursue Hotel management as their career. Here they not only provide the student with on job training & a bachelors degree but also pay the students for their services. Prerequisites- 10+2 is the minimum qualification needed to apply for the program. Other hotels like The Oberoi etc too offer such programs. Do a little R&D and apply for the one that suits you the best.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your experience and nothing else. You wanna learn? You wanna grow? And also experience life? Well, a mere degree won’t fetch you all of this.

These are some of the best career advice that I can give you all. Some of the best companies, some of the most in-demand skills and an opportunity to learn, explore & experience so much these 6 options provide you. Do a lot of research before you make the final call. Find out as much as you can about the above-mentioned companies and courses and decide for yourself what suits you the best.

I wasn’t advocating against education through this blog all I wanted to say is you don’t always need a degree to be successful.

With this we finally come to an end of the blog on the best career advice, it’s a wrap on my daunting sessions and also some bits of advice.

Don’t be afraid to take the path less travelled because an oops is always better than what if!!!!!!


This is the result of a little survey that I did at my end to find out if their qualification has helped them get the job that they are currently doing. You’ll be amused to know that 14 out of 20 people said that their degree didn’t really contribute to what they are currently doing in life.


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