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How to Pass Time during Quarantine?

Wondering how to pass time during quarantine?
The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Today the world is all about lockdowns, curfews, self-isolation and quarantining. The world is witnessing such crises after a century and there’s absolutely nothing that we can do but stay back home and save the human race.
Amidst all this, somewhere mother earth is rejuvenating itself. Although this epidemic led to self-isolation and social distancing but at the same time, it gave nature a chance to breathe all over again, minimising pollution of all kinds.
The quarantining game went well for the first couple of days but alas it’s getting more and more boring with each passing day. Those who have being dreaming about Netflix and chill are already bored and are desperately waiting for the lockdowns to be lifted.
We understand you are bored but hey we are in this together and we gotta fight this together. Let’s hope this apocalypse comes to an end soon.

Let us help make your homestay a little better by suggesting you some simple & quick ways to cope up with boredom. Presenting How to pass time during Quarantine.

  1. Acquire a new skill- Remember that guitar that you bought after listening to “Bhulla ki Jana mei kon” or that keyboard that has been waiting for you since you stopped practising “Pehla Nasha” on it? Well, maybe it’s the right time to take those out and get going. And who knows by the time this quarantine period you might just impress a few people in your circle or workplace? 😉
  2. On to the watch later/favourite list- And now is the most appropriate time to go to your watch later list/ favourite of Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime and finish them up rather than just go by the recommendation you have been getting lately. Those poor things deserve your attention as well.
  3. Bookworm alert- Why not start completing that novel you were reading on that last flight? Or get your hands on that one book you thought will change your life but never really touched it. Seize the day my friend do it now, we won’t be quarantined in this century again.
  4. Be the next Master Chef- Enough of Zomato and Swiggy, it’s time to get your inner master chef doing some drills in the kitchen (also because none is accepting orders. ) We have seen soo many scrumptious meals being made on our Instagram and Facebook feeds and now is the time to try our hands on those dishes. I mean for how long are you gonna bear your “Luakis “and “Tindas”?
  5. Pamper yourself- Probably the best time to invest in your skincare routine since we are not exposed to the Sun and pollution for like a week now. This is best your skin will ever feel in the next 50 years or so (given China doesn’t start working on another virus). Why not cash this opportunity and make full use of this time to get a glowing glowing skin. Also, ladies, I understand the pain of facial hair but hold on tight, we are in this together as well.
  6. The Ram Dev Alert- Just like everything else gyms are also closed. The gym you haven’t been going to for like ages is now CLOSED. Well staying back home makes us all the way more lethargic and dull. Almost no physical movement leads to the next level of laziness and boredom. Try to get yourself involved in some physical activities as such as possible (here I’m definitely not talking about cuddles and snuggles). I know I know it’s gonna be super hard for all my bored peeps out there to actually move their asses but come-on man you got nothing else to do. Then why not work on that tummy of yours which is begging for some attention. To keep you charged up with some amazing gyming and workout stuff during this period of quarantine Decathlon is serving its customers online. Yes, you heard it right order your fitness kit online with Decathlon and put an end to all your excuses.

These are tough times but we are tougher I believe.
With the hope that it will come to an end soon let’s make full use of this time discovering new ways of how to pass time and work on our grooming and most importantly spend some quality time with our family (before we start fighting with them by the next week).



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